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Join Tom Kearney weeknights for a general interest talk/interview show that proves to be edifying and entertaining.
Tom Kearney, Talk Radio, Raleigh
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Tom Kearney

Monday – Friday, 9pm – 10pm

A native of Goldsboro Tom Kearney grew up listening to WPTF and was a particular fan of Carl Goerch.


Educated at Wake Forest College and the University of North Carolina Tom taught for several years before joining WPTF in 1982.


Along with various other shows and duties, Tom has hosted the “Tom Kearney Show” (“Openline with Tom Kearney”) since December 1988.

Tom’s program is a general interest talk/interview show that he hopes is edifying and entertaining.

This Week’s Guests:


Monday 9/21—Cultural value of WPTF in 96 Years


Tuesday 9/22—Woody Seymour is Guest as we note WPTF’s 96th Birthday


Wednesday 9/23—Nick Petro of NOAA’s NWS talks about the Weather


Thursday 9/24—Nostalgia Night


Friday 9/25—Friday Night Trivia