Durham Explosion: How You Can Help
GoFundMe Campaigns have been set up to help victims and businesses rebuild following the explosion.
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Durham Strong

Durham Explosion: How You Can Help

As Durham celebrated its 150th birthday, an explosion rocked the city.

The explosion took place shortly after 10am on Wednesday, April 10th, when a contractor hired by Fibertech Networks, a subsidiary of Crown Castle, hit a gas line while installing fiber in the area.

Crown Castle released the following statement:

“We are devastated by this tragic event and its impact on the Durham community. We grieve the loss of life and our continued prayers go out to the people who were injured and their families. We are grateful for the first responders whose brave actions saved lives.

Fibertech Networks, which is owned by Crown Castle, hired a contractor who was installing fiber in the area prior to the incident. We have offered our full support and cooperation to Durham city officials. We are committed to working with the Mayor’s office to help the community recover.”

– Cathy Piche, Area President, Crown Castle

The explosion took place at at 115 North Duke Street killing one person, injuring 25, and damaging at least 15 buildings near Durham’s Brightleaf Square.

Mr. Kong Lee, owner of Kaffeinate coffee shop which was located in the building where the explosion took place, was killed in the explosion. An outpouring of love and support for the Lee family has flooded social media as Kaffeniate patrons share the impact Mr. Lee had on their lives.

The Lee family shared the following statement on Facebook:

A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to help the Lee Family. You may donate to the family here.

In their statement, the Lee Family also asks for help in finding jobs for Kaffeinate’s staff.

A separate GoFundMe has been set up to help business rebuild and help families affected by the explosion. If you’d like to make a donation, you may do so here.