Celebrate Record Store Day on April 13th
Doug Austin, Program Director of WPTF's sister station Kix 102.9 FM, stopped by to talk vinyl.
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Record Store Day

Celebrate Record Store Day on April 13th

Think Vinyl is long gone? Think again!

Sure, most people do get their music via digital downloads but records have made a massive comeback. Over the last three years record sales have surpassed CD sales. Three out of every 10 US adults are willing to pay for music on vinyl records, and almost half of all Americans prefer to buy physical copies of their music (on either vinyl or CD).

A large contributor to the resurgence of vinyl is Record Store Day, an international celebration of independent merchants who keep vinyl alive.

Started in 2007, Record Store Day was conceived by a group of independent record store owners and employees who wanted to celebrate and spread the word about the unique culture surrounding the nearly 1,400 independently owned records stores in the US and thousands of similar stores internationally. Today, Record Store Day is celebrated on every continent except Antarctica.

Doug Austin, Program Director of WPTF’s sister station Kix 102.9 FM, stopped by to talk vinyl with Donna King ahead of the 12th Annual Record Store Day on April 13th.

What makes vinyl so special? “People that don’t have records probably forget, there is a different experience that you have with a records. You pull it out of the sleeve, the smell, the experience is far different. There’s a time invested in it and you appreciate the music more. The sound of a record is warmer. You feel it more, you hear things that you might not pick up on a digital download or a CD,” Doug shares.

The record industry is growing in leaps and bounds, especially across the Triangle. “A few years ago School Kids may have been the only record store around here. Now, there’s  a load of independent record stores that have opened up over the past three or four years.”

The biggest draw to Record Store day is all the new releases.

“There will be 700 releases tomorrow. There’s tons of stuff that hasn’t been available before, there are things that are being re-released or brand new,  and there’s specialty stuff like colored vinyl. Instead of a black vinyl record, there will be multi-colored record or picture disks, where there’s actually a picture inside of a clear record that’s pressed together.”

“The big thing that’s getting the buzz this year is the 3-inch record player that’s getting released. This 3-inch record has been created just for Record Store Day this year. There will be special 3-inch records that will be available. It will probably be around $100. There will only be a limited amount of them, so they’ll be sought after and collectible immediately. The industry has announced that they will be producing more of these 3-inch singles with one song on each side.”

Triangle Stores Celebrating Record Store Day

Celebrate Record Store Day by hitting up some of the area’s best Vinyl shops on April 13. Here’s a list of stores participating in the Record Store Day celebrations:

All Day Records


Bull City Records

Carolina Soul

Hunky Dory

Nice Price Books and Records

The Record Krate

Schoolkids Records

Sorry State Records

Sound Off Records & Hi-Fi

Vinyl Perk