All Star Country Weekend
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All Star Country Weekend

All Star Country Weekend

All Star Country Weekend

Saturday & Sunday Evenings, 6pm – 12am

Where did all of the great country music go? Well… right here!

This Week’s Spotlights:


  • Saturday, April 17: Alan Jackson
  • Sunday, April 18: #1 Songs of 1991


Listener’s Choice Night: Coming May 23, 2021


Coming May 23rd, the All-Star Country Spotlight shines on YOU!  That’s the night for the Listener Choice Spotlight… the songs YOU request.

So go ahead and start sending Buddy your requests… just click on the red box below and let Buddy know what you want to hear on Listener’s Choice Spotlight night, May 23rd!

Meet Buddy Michaels

Buddy Michaels has been in radio broadcasting for over 40 years. Throughout his career, he has worked in Rock-n-roll, Country, Gospel, and most of all Bluegrass.

“My goal is to preserve traditional music and to promote the new, great performers of today and tomorrow.”