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The heat and humidity is often unbearable during this month. Give your plants as much water as they need but donít over do it. This includes the lawn, although the cool season lawns should be semi dormant and requiring only an inch a week. Your warm season grasses are more tolerant of the hot weather. They may require a more fertilizing but donít plant a warm season lawn in August. This may be a good month to completely renovate the cool season lawn. Kill the grass and weeds with Roundup early in the month and till it up near the end. The soil will be ready to accept new seed, fertilizer and plenty of water in September. August is another good time to control grubs in the lawn with milky spore or the proper pesticide. This is also a good time to put out a pre-emergence for cool season weeds like henbit and chickweed. Donít plant grass if you do this. It wonít germinate.

Donít fertilize or prune trees and shrubs in August unless you have to. This stimulates growth and will make the plant more susceptible to damage when it gets cold. Replenish your mulch but donít put down more than two or three inches.

This is normally a good month to cut back and divide iris. You can also divide day lilies right now. Pinch back annuals and perennials and summer flowering bulbs. Control insects on your flowers by spraying them with a good spray of water. Continue deadheading roses and your spraying program. You can still plant container grown roses, but they need plenty of water. Some of the ever-blooming roses might need a little fertilizer. August is a great time to plant the fall garden. Lettuce and other cool weather vegetables may be planted now.


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