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If you didnít lightly fertilize your cool season lawn in late January you may do that this month. A slow release 16-4-8 will do the trick. Apply at half the rate you did in the fall. Over fertilizing will produce disease later. The Cooperative Extension Service office in your county has more specific information on this. Plant a cool season late this month with good quality grass seed but this is not as good a time as fall. You may also want to get the mower tuned this month.

Get control of your broadleaf weeds, like chickweed, henbit and wild garlic, with an herbicide containing 2-4-D, MCPP and Dicamba. The weeds need to be actively growing.

Put out a pre-emergent herbicide for crabgrass after the forsythia blooms and before dogwoods bloom. You normally canít try and establish a new lawn when you do this because the chemicals wonít allow the grass seeds to germinate either. Check the bag for directions.

Go ahead and prune trees and shrubs, but not spring flowering ones. Its ok with the summer flowering varieties. This is also a good time to cut liriope and mondo grass with a string trimmer or lawnmower before the new growth appears. You can also divide these plants now. Check for insect pests and disease on your plants while youíre deciding what to prune. Use a dormant oil to get rid of over wintering insects. Its another great month to do a little clean up in the landscape.

Plant bare root roses this month. You also can prune roses late in February depending on the weather. Cut out dead wood and leave the healthiest three to six canes. Spray roses with lime sulfur.

Plant trees and shrubs this month especially the winter bloom varieties like flowering apricot, winter sweet and winter honeysuckle. You can pick out the cultivars at your local nursery that smell the best. Move them when they are dormant and get as much of the root ball as possible. Plant vines and ground covers now too. Plant things like English peas, onions, asparagus, or cabbage. Get the garden area in shape if you are hoping to plant a summer garden. Get a soil test if you havenít had one in a while.


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