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Everybody seems to be interested in pruning so prune away when it comes to evergreen and deciduous trees and shrubs. Some exceptions might include the spring-flower varieties because you will cut off the blooms for the coming year. Prune them immediately after they bloom. Wait on pruning summer flowering varieties until February or March. You can still cut dead wood off of any tree or shrub. This is a great month to prune fruit trees although they require special attention in they way they are pruned. Grape vines may also be pruned this month. Apply dormant oil to kill over wintering insects.

January is a great time to plant and move most trees and shrubs. Just make sure they have at least an inch of water a week. The cold winter months can dry out plants too. Dig a hole thatís at least twice the diameter of the root ball and almost at deep. Break up the soil and add some organic matter. Play close attention when planting varieties like azaleas and rhododendron, which like good drainage. Change the mulch around your favorite plants each year to lend plenty of protection.

Itís a good time to apply lime sulfur to roses to help prevent diseases from sprouting up in the spring.

The cool season lawn can be left alone this month unless you want to lightly fertilize at the end of January. Use a formulation like a 16-4-8 at about half the rate you used in the fall. This is also a good time to kill those winter weeds like chickweed and wild garlic. Donít use the broadleaf weed killer unless the temperature is warm enough. Read the label of the product you choose.

January is a good time to make plans for the vegetable garden. Get a soil test as soon as possible.

Fertilize spring flowering bulbs when they break through the soil. Plant them if you havenít already.

Houseplants need a little fertilizer; insecticidal soaps for things like mealy bugs and spider mites and donít over or under water them. Itís also a good time to clean up the landscape.


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